Alexander Motte Profile

July 27, 2016
It is certainly clear that Alexander Motte has the skills necessary to create, develop and manage new business ventures, especially when it comes to the new entires in the field of e-commerce. As a prominent co-founder and executive with IronWeb, Alexander has been able to translate his extensive knowledge and numerous skills into a very successful e-commerce business model. It is now among the greatest business successes in all of Europe.

Soon after Alexander Motte earned his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at
Dauphine University in Paris, France in 2009, he started a very successful career working as a trader for HSBC and Natixis. It his firm belief that experience he received from that position laid the foundation for the next step in his business career path, which involved leaving the financial services business and becoming an entrepreneur full time.

It was this decision that led Alexander Motte to launch his first e-commerce business, a website named TripUnion, which involved hotel sales. That business was very successful, and Alexander believes that it was his understanding of business finance that made it so. He continued with a series of other entrepreneurial endeavors, before he co-founded IronWeb, which is currently the largest European e-commerce group based on recurring business models. After more than a decade, Alexander Motte is almost certain that he is only at the beginning of his entrepreneurial career.

Alexander Motte, Lover of Problem Solving

April 15, 2016
One of the most important skills of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to problem solve. The skills of management, innovativation of thought and business development have always driven Alexander Motte’s career and continue to help him drive success at IronWeb today, but his keen ability to problem solve in all circumstances has gotten him where he is.
Alexander Motte studied Quantitative Finance at Paris Dauphine University in Paris France and graduated with a Master’s degree in the subject in 2009. In the beginning, his pursuits were in the finance world. Working for companies like HSBC and Natixis as a trader gave him a solid foundation for his career. After gaining practice with his business development skills through the finance industry, Alexander Motte was ready to try his dream of being an entrepreneur. In 2011, Alexander Motte founded TripUnion, a private online sales website for hotels. TripUnion gave him the space to practice business development, sales analysis and e-commerce and after a few other entrepreneurial endeavors, Alexander Motte co-founded IronWeb. IronWeb has now developed to be the biggest European e-commerce group based on the recurring business models.

His original interest in starting his own company came out of his passion for problem solving. Upon further investigation, he decided that he would like to branch into a career involving his entrepreneurial dreams. This dream began to supersede his financial career and eventually Alexander Motte quit the finance industry in order to launch his first e-commerce business, TripUnion. This was his first taste of business establishment and he found that it was the industry in which he would like to continue the rest of his career.